Prioritize Safer, Healthier Communities

Safety is a top priority for American energy producers and employees. America’s energy workforce — 10.3 million strong — live and work in the same communities where energy is developed, transported and refined. They are committed to protecting their families alongside their neighbors, providing opportunity for growth and prosperity and lending a helping hand.

Safety Innovations

Technology innovation has impacted every aspect of our lives and economy, including energy. New “smart” technologies are making energy development safer and more efficient. State-of-the-art monitoring and equipment, combined with advanced engineering, make energy production and transportation safer than ever.

The results of safety and environmental innovations are clear. The U.S. has dramatically reduced carbon and methane emissions. The American Lung Association has applauded the emission reductions made possible by natural gas

Tomorrow’s Technologies

Affordable energy and chemical building blocks developed from oil and natural gas are also at the heart of advances in technology and manufacturing. Improvements in health care, communications, and transportation are all supported by American energy.

The expanded use of renewable energy is made possible by oil and natural gas. Wind turbines are built with petroleum-based materials. And natural gas is the number one load-balancing source of energy for solar and wind power.

Myths vs. Facts

Myth: Energy operations put American communities at risk.

Fact: American energy development is safer and more tightly regulated than ever. State-of-the-art monitoring and equipment, combined with advanced engineering, make energy production and transportation safer than ever for our communities.

Myth: Energy companies really don’t care about safety.

Fact: The energy sector supports more than 10.3 million workers, who live and work in communities across the country. Companies and workers together are committed to the safety of communities and the protection of employees, families, and the environment. Safety is the industry’s number one priority.

Myth: Pipelines are dangerous.

Fact: Pipelines have a very strong track record of safety, with 99.999% of fuel reaching its destination without incident. Pipelines are constructed to exacting safety standards, and they are continually monitored and inspected.

Myth: Working conditions are hazardous for energy sector employees.

Fact: Rigorous training, tight industry standards, and operational best practices result in a strong track record of safety for energy workers. The energy industry has lower workplace risk than many sectors, such as construction, truck driving, farming, and logging.

Myth: Lax government oversight compromises the safety of energy operations.

Fact: Energy production and transportation are subject to strict government regulations and oversight. Energy companies must comply with numerous federal and state laws, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and many others.

Energy for All

American energy is transforming our nation for the better. Domestic energy abundance, combined with innovation, supports environmental progress, economic growth, and new possibilities for all of us.

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