Energy for All

Everyone benefits from energy in more ways than you might think. It’s not just about turning on lights or fueling cars. It’s about lifting families out of poverty, giving greater access to health care, and creating life-saving products that are essential to our lives. It’s also about connecting to loved ones, traveling faster and farther than ever before, and developing technology never dreamed possible.

American energy powers progress for all of us. It gives every American the opportunity for a better future.

New medicines and life-saving health care technologies—such as artificial heart valves, insulin pumps, and defibrillators—are made possible by natural gas and oil.
Smartphones, tablets, computers, and telecommunications equipment couldn’t exist without natural gas and oil.
Paint, inks, fabrics, adhesives, and other creative essentials are available and affordable because of natural gas and oil.

American energy is also contributing to a global transformation. Over the past three decades, natural gas has helped 1.3 billion people worldwide get electricity and escape debilitating poverty.


It’s time to think about energy in a new light. We can build healthy communities, protect the environment, and improve our quality of life by leveraging America’s energy abundance.


Myths vs. Facts

Myth: American energy development only benefits energy companies and investors.

Fact: Virtually every American household and community benefits from American energy development in many ways, starting with household budgets. The average U.S. household saves more than $1,300 annually because of American energy development.

Myth: We can replace oil and natural gas with renewable electricity.

Fact: American energy isn’t just about turning on the lights, heating our homes, and powering our vehicles. Oil and natural gas provide essential building blocks for manufacturing medicines and life-saving healthcare devices, such as insulin pumps. Computers, cell phones, modern sports equipment, and thousands of other products that contribute to our quality of life are made possible by oil and natural gas.

Myth: The energy sector doesn’t support many good jobs.

Fact: Overall America’s energy sector supports 10.3 million jobs, with energy production taking place in most states. On average energy jobs pay over $50,000 more than the average U.S. salary. The energy sector could create another 1.9 million jobs by 2035.

Myth: American energy threatens the public health of our communities.

Fact: American energy is improving public health by making the air we breathe cleaner. The health benefits of natural gas have been recognized by the American Lung Association. A study by Carnegie Mellon researchers estimates that the U.S. could save $50 billion on healthcare costs because natural gas helps reduce the incidence of many illnesses.

Myth: American energy doesn’t contribute to our communities.

Fact: Energy companies pay tens of billions of dollars annually in state and federal taxes and fees. These dollars translate into investments in our communities—for stronger schools, new roads and bridges, public safety, and services that benefit all of us.

The Cleanest Air in 25 Years

American energy is helping to bring us cleaner air and create healthier communities. We must protect our environment by leveraging American energy resources and innovation.

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