Say YES to a Cleaner Environment

We all agree: Every American community should have clean air, a safe environment, and opportunities to prosper.

Natural gas is providing cleaner, more efficient ways to generate power, all while the United States is leading the world in production.

In fact, our air is cleaner than it has been in decades. Carbon emissions are at their lowest levels in 25 years because of clean energy technologies and the increased use of natural gas. There is no question – we can rely on American natural gas and oil and leave a better environment for future generations.

Today, our nation is the global leader in both energy production and emission reductions. The evidence is clear that we can protect our environment and communities while expanding energy access and production. Investments in innovation make it happen:

Energy Investments in the Environment

American innovation and energy are driving environmental progress on other fronts as well.

Myths vs. Facts

Myth: America’s air is dirtier than ever.

Fact: We breathe much cleaner air today thanks to the increased use of clean natural gas, cleaner fuels, and more efficient cars and electricity generation. According to the EPA, total emissions of major air pollutants have declined 73% since 1970.

Myth: The primary reason that America’s air is cleaner is because of renewable energy such as wind and solar.

Fact: Wind and solar are important parts of our nation’s energy mix, but natural gas is our nation’s number one power source for electricity. The increased use of natural gas has driven carbon emissions to their lowest levels in more than 25 years.

Myth: Other nations are making more environmental progress than the U.S.

Fact: Thanks to abundant American natural gas, the U.S. leads all other industrial nations in the reduction of carbon emissions for producing electricity.

Myth: Energy companies don’t care about making our air cleaner.

Fact: America’s energy sector is the leading private sector investor in low- and zero-emission technologies, investing more than $90 billion in this area in recent years.

Myth: If we just switch to all wind and solar power, we won’t need natural gas for electricity.

Fact: Natural gas is the number one load-balancing energy source used to back up wind and solar power. The use of renewable energy increases with the use of natural gas, which provides consistent, reliable energy for days with low sun and wind.

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Safety At All Cost

Safety is the number one priority for American energy producers. Energy companies—made up of 10.3 million American workers—are committed to protecting every community and our environment.

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